Webslingers is a Hong Kong based design agency business that works with clients throughout the world. We operate a virtualised business structure to keep travel and costs down.  While we are a lot smaller than many of the big agencies out there, we’ve found that our forte is delivering top class services and value that our competitors can’t match, and our efficient business model and passionate team allow us to deliver that time and time again.

Trev Wilcox

Chief Webhead

Hi, I’m Trevor Wilcox, a virtual CEO and freelancer based in Hong Kong, providing web design, web hosting, webmaster and SEO consulting services to a diverse portfolio of international clients.

Outside of that, I’m a family guy / martial minimalist / tactical athlete / coffee lover / comic geek (not in any particular order). Webslingers was so named because the comic geek in me thought it was a clever play-on-words to describe the services I provide.

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